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Sunday, August 31, 2008

New blocked page graphic + 'internet access management policy' categories

Emiratesmac's posting on the UAE community blog reveals that Etisalat has implemented a new block page.

Visible here:

More interesting than the visual change is a link contained on the new page to a PDF that lays out the categories that you're not mature enough to view.

Most of it is as expected, but finally an explanation for the TLD blocking (for instance how the UAE blocks all .il/Israeli websites)
Prohibited Top Level Domain (TLD)
This category includes Internet Content under a Top Level Domain names which offends against, is objectionable to, or is contrary to the public interest, public morality, public order, public and national security, Islam morality or is otherwise prohibited by any applicable UAE law, regulation, procedure, order or requirement."

For now the new page is only visible to users of Etisalat's transparent proxy (i.e. those that have not filled out the proxy details in their browser) and as usual, the complaint form doesn't work (yet again)

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Blogger kickosaid...

i dont know whats the deal of changing the design of access denied's page...but the new things is that the PDF file written in arabic and english,
this is reminds me the first design of access denied was in white page...and it said...this site is blocked by Etisalat...for more information click here. it was very basic design...not like right now

5:37 PM 

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