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Monday, April 09, 2007

Yet another stupid block that has been complained about literally hundreds of times over the course of the past few months; described as "an Internet radio station and music recommendation system" is unblocked, however user profiles remain blocked for some reason only known to the folks at Etisalat (who are idiots) and the folks at Secure Computing (who list the domain as "entertainment" and the user subdirectory as 'dating').
How exactly one would go about dating someone based upon musical taste is beyond me, perhaps Etisalat care to answer?

It'd be really nice if Etisalat could take 5 minutes out of their busy tea-boiling schedule to unblock the following URL:

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Blogger Linahsaid...

It is by far the most retarded thing i have witnessed. I am now without knowledge as to what songs have made it to my weekly top 5 list. Blasphemy!

And for some reason - is not accessible here either??? What is wrong with these people...

3:16 PM 
Blogger Doublelettersaid...

Yeah, I wrote to them on this. Of course, no reply. Its a pain. :(

1:05 PM 
Blogger DXBlueysaid... has just been bought by CBS for US$280 million.

Unblock the goddam user section please.

Secondly - if Dubai / UAE are really interested in being world leaders and have US$10billion to throw at education charity - begin by freeing up the internet to allow freedom of expression...


3:55 PM 

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