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Monday, April 23, 2007

Feedback Form No More

It appears Etisalat's incompetence has removed any chance for a user to complain about the blocking of a site...

The "Feedback Form" link no longer works (it points to, a URL which no longer exists)

As is usually the case, I happen to possess a greater ability to provide customer service to Etisalat's customers than Etisalat itself by providing the following URL...

Simply hit that link, and you no long have to provide a username or password when complaining about a website (perhaps you were unable to complain in the past due to concerns of anonymity, now you can.)

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Blogger m1kesaid...

It posts in the end to, which seems not to be working either.

Having an URL script doing this is dangerous, somebody might write a script and overload their systems.


1:30 PM 
Blogger Lauriesaid...

Well, I hadn't bothered to report one of these in a while because it seemed so pointless, but when I received my favorite teabag icon while looking for a cake recipe at I knew things had gone too far. I did try the usual channels to know avail. I quite happily filled in all of the blanks and was told I didn't exist, which is absolute shite, so will now try your link. Thanks!

12:29 PM 

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