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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Dear the TRA or Etisalat,

I know you probably couldn't care less, but you've left blocked while unblocking the rest of; this means no one can load any audio or video content.

Thanks for wasting everyone's time once more, in particular mine; Once for having to find out you've blocked said content, twice for having to go through the source code of a myspace page to try and find the URL that you've blocked, thrice for having to open Ethereal and record my data transmissions so I can find the URL and the forth time being that I had to write out this post.

I hope you can mess up more of the internet to waste more of everyone's time than you're already doing. That would be a great added service, you could probably charge for it too (that is, if you're not charging for it already; but if that is the case you could just charge twice and chances are no one would really notice or the only recourse available for consumers would take so long to enact that they'd just end up paying you all their money anyway.)

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