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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Dear the TRA/Etisalat,

I know it probably didn't occur to you that people pay for internet connections so they can access information on the internet;
but while leaving the front page of,
You appear to have mistakenly blocked because the company known as "Secure Computing" which you employ to decide which sites to block decided to categorise it as being Computing/Internet, Pornography

Thanks for wasting more of my and everyone elses time once more.

The URL in question has now been unblocked. Thank you to those responsible.

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Blogger BuJsaid...

You've got this knack of making people feel really stupid!

Don't stop!!!

9:16 PM 
Blogger Barthezzsaid...

still new to bloging, but i ll try and keep the content up to date, please post replies, and help up by sending feedbacks to etisalat to unblock your own faivourite websites

3:23 AM 
Blogger Silen-cesaid...

can u hear me clapping for u... waiting for more from on ur blog...


11:24 AM 

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