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Sunday, December 10, 2006




Blogger Keefieboysaid...

Love the design!

1:09 PM 
Blogger trailingspousesaid...

My first thought was OMG they blocked it already! Good luck with it, Sam.

5:23 PM 
Anonymous Anonymoussaid...

the design is funky...

3:08 AM 
Blogger CGsaid...

I am sure I have seen that design somewhere before....Just can't seem to put my finger on where.

11:47 AM 
Blogger Al Ain Taxisaid...

Sam, this is excellent. Its amazing nobody has thought of this before.

9:27 PM 
Blogger BuJsaid...

excellent idea! and really groovy design... good luck!
obviously i don't suffer from the proxy but i will be checking out this site for updates :)

10:51 PM 
Blogger BuJsaid...

PS: do you really need comment moderation? you wanna draw the masses :)

10:52 PM 
Blogger moryartisaid...

great design :)

11:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymoussaid...


Here's a link to simple but good story about blocking skype.

8:53 AM 
Blogger Prometheussaid...

Now THAT is perfect design. Amazing. Prometheus suspects Itisalot will be watching this space.

1:02 PM 
Blogger click_310said...


9:26 AM 
Blogger DubaiTeensaid...

Haha fantastic design! Loved the way you wrote Design adapted from at the bottom of the page. Very professional you know- citing your sources.

8:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymoussaid...

Kindly help us to get Etisalat to unblock

Please sign the following Online Petition

And please spread the word and tell everyone you know to sign it.

Your help is highly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance!

3:21 PM 
Blogger Crispinsaid...

please help find a proxy site for

7:58 PM 

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