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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Torrent sites

Dear Secure Computing,

Currently the following websites are listed as "Criminal Skills", "Hacking and/or P2P/File Sharing;

Listing these websites as "Criminal Skills" is fairly innaccurate. It is only a crime if someone downloads pirated material that they have no legal right to on those websites, but who is securecomputing to say what rights people may or may not hold? and furthermore, by labelling them as "Criminal Skills" it automatically places any legal material unavailable to many. Listing these sites as "Hacking" seems pretty inaccurate too.

While the sites above are listed as Hacking/Criminal Skills, sites like are listed only as being P2P/file sharing.

Also, please note that two of these URLs ( and point to exactly the same content; how can they have different categorizations?


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Blogger Pinsaid...

ye,,bit of an arse that they blocked them, considering watching a meaningful, uncut film here is impossible. anyway isohunt is still free and catalogues these sites.

you can also add to your list of blocked sites, but mini is still up and working :)

11:32 PM 
Blogger Timothysaid...

Don't forget www.tus-kvcd-group

8:19 PM 

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